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About Us

Alientech Tuning Tools are the one stop shop for all your Alientech tuning tools at great prices with fast international delivery. Unlike many sellers we also have a dedicated technical support team to help and advise with your tuning tool purchase, coverage upgrades and options. As well as installation support assistance on all items purchased.
Demonstrations of all Alientech tuning tools and software are available on-line, so there is no need to travel to learn how to use the Alientech tools, so you can see and explore before you buy.
Both Alientech Master tuning tools, and Slave systems are available online, when purchasing an Alientech Slave tool, please quote the Alientech Master account number you would like the Salve tool be paired.
Both Master tuning files and Slave system tool files are available for purchase. As well as Alientech ECM training courses, covering how to operate the Alientech ECM map writing software, and how to write and build tuning file for gasoline and diesel engines.

Alientech ECM training courses can be taken online if you are unable to travel to the UK.

Always make sure you are buying and using 100% genuine original tuning tools – All tuning tools and software on this site are guaranteed to be authentic.