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Why Choose Us

We do understand there are many sellers of tuning tools and the Alientech range of tuning tools so we thank you for looking at our site. We are the very largest supplier of Alientech tuning tools, we ship Alientech tuning tools all over the world door to door every day.
We also provide free installation support for all tuning tools and software purchased from us. Demonstration sessions are also available, either in the UK, or if you can’t get to us don’t worry, we also offer online installation, demonstrations and training, so you don’t need to travel to get started.
Alientech tuning tools can be registered to you, and slave tools linked to a master of your choosing, if you don’t have a master tuner and need tuning files these can be supplied to you 7 days a week
Buy with confidence – we are here to support your tuning.

What is the difference between a master tuning tool and a slave one

As master tuning tool and a slave tuning tool look almost the same, with Alientech the only difference really is that the master tool reads an open unencrypted file, that you can edit. A slave tool reads a locked and coded file that the user cannot open, or change. The file must be send to a master the tool is paired to so the master can create a modified file for the slave to use. The master tool is the only one that can see and change the original file.

Who will help me get started with the tool I purchase

We offer free support and installation for all tools you purchase from us, our technical support team is live 7 days a week to help you load, update and use any tool you have purchased from us. There is a live UK help support line too, as well as skype.

Can I see the software before I buy

Yes, if you are looking for Alientech ECM tuning file software, we have UK demonstration sessions, and if you can’t get to us, we can hold these session on Skype too, so you can see, test and ask any questions before you buy.

Can I sample a training course before I buy

Yes, we offer introduction demonstration / training tours online and in person, so if you are thinking of taking a training course we can show you the software and you can meet the trainers before you book.

If I buy a slave tuning tool, can you pair it to any master

Yes, simply purchase any salve tuning tool from our shop, and then send us an e-mail with the purchase / invoice number and we can pair if for you, we just need you to send the name, address and master tool number you would like your new slave tool to be paired to.

Can I buy tuning files from lots of different masters

With a master tool you can choose to take tuning files from anyone you like, you can also use, and reuse tuning files with the right software and training; you are not locked to any one provider though.
With a slave tuning tool, you can only take tuning file from one designated master file provider at a time. Salve tuning tools can be moved from one master provider to another, as long as the initial (first) master approves the move.

Can I move my slave tuning tool to another master if I am not happy

With a slave tuning tool, you can only take tuning file from one designated master file provider at a time. Salve tuning tools can be moved from one master provider to another, as long as the initial (first) master approves the move.
If in doubt, when buying a slave tool, ask the master if you can move the tool if you need to or are not happy with the service they provide. Be aware, if the current master will not release your tool to another master you will not be able to move the tool. Always ask before buying.

If I buy a slave tuning tool who will supply my tuning files

If you purchase a slave tuning tool from us, we can pair it to any master you want. If you don’t have a master file provider already, just let us know and we can supply you ready to you tuning files 7 days a week from just £45UK or $58USD.

Where can I learn to write tuning files

We have a range of tuning courses where you can learn to write your own tuning files with the Alientech ECM car tuning software. Courses range from novice and beginner level to full master courses for special vehicle tuning, modified vehicles race and motorsport.
You do not need to purchase the Alientech ECM software from us to attend a course, though we will only teach on genuine authentic software and tools. Software can be provided for the training if required.

Do you sell all over the world

Yes to date we have supplied Alientech tuning tools into over 72 countries, door to door shipping can be arranged to almost all locations. And outside of the EU tax free sales are available.

Are Clone tools any good

No Clone tools are highly unstable – we do not support clone Alientech tuning tools, please don’t ask us to.
We operate an Anti-clone tuning tool policy, all tools on this site are 100% guaranteed to be brand new, (accept where clearly described as otherwise) authentic and original Alientech manufactured. Please don’t ask us to help you with clone tool questions. Clone tuning tools damage the tuning industry, its reputation and vehicles.

If you have any further questions please e-mail us.