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Alientech K-Gear – Complete Set of Adaptors Adapter Kit for the K-Tag tuning system

if you are not sure which Alientech K-Tag Accessories you are looking for or need, you cant go wrong with the K-Gear Kit, the complete set of Adapters and connectors for the Alientech K-tag
The Alientech K-Gear Kit consists of all the adapters for positioning frame – the suitcase contains the following items:
144300KBDM – 144300KTRI – 144300KNEX – 144300KREN – 144300KNEC. Making tuning with the K-tag tuning system much easier, quicker and safer.

Alientech K-Gear

K-Tag training courses, covering how to open ECU’s safely, the different methods of connecting, reading and writing ecu’s are available on request.

The Alientech K-Gear set does not include the positioning fame its self, you can find the Frame in the shop here:

Positioning Frame 14P800ADBO

K-tag Positioning Frame for use with K-Gear Connectors

Alientech training courses and K-tag training is available, this can be carried out in a formal classroom / workshop setting. Or we offer online training across the world. If you are not currently tuning with K-tag and would like grow your tuning coverage – e-mail us now for the best support and advice

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Weight 10 kg