Alientech K-Tag Probe 14AM00T17M

Alientech K-Tag Probe 14AM00T17M: Adaptor for Positioning Frame on Bosch EDC17C59 ECUs using Infineon Tricore 14AM00T17M

Alientech Adaptor Infineon Tricore ECU Bosch EDC17C59

With the adaptor 14AM00T17M for the K-Tag positioning frame, you can directly connect your K-TAG to the ECU board using this probes, it is specially designed for the main ecu and allow quick, safe and very reliable tuning and reprogramming of the ECU

Main supported ECUs
The Bosch EDC17C59

Using the adapter 14AM00T17M reading and writing the Bosch EDC17C59 ECU is easier and much faster. The adaptor 14AM00T17M can be easily connected to the pins of the ECU and the possibility of making a mistake when tuning the ECU is significantly decrease. And there is no need to solder when connecting and tuning.

If you do not have the Alientech positioning frame you can see it in our shop here:

Positioning Frame 14P800ADBO

Alientech K-Tag Probe 14AM00T17M


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