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Alientech Kess V2 Truck Cables – Full set of cables 
Complete Set of Kess V2 truck cables, this is the full set of Truck cables combined together in one kit.

The full set of Alientech Kess v2 Truck cables and HGV cables, when the set of Alientech truck  cables are purchased together there is a marked saving over the cost of the separate cables when purchased one at a time.

Truck cables in a cases that contains the following Kess V2 Truck tuning cables:
Cable suitcase containing the following items: 144300K207 – 144300K208 –
144300K209 – 144300K210 – 144300K212 – 144300K214 – 144300K215 –
144300K216 – 144300K217 – 144300K226 – 144300K233 – 144300K234 –
144300K235 – 144300K236 – 144300K237 – 144300K238 – 144300K245 –
144300K246 – 144300K249

As you can imagine these Alientech Kess V2 Truck Cables can be used with both the Kess v2 salve and master tuning system.

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Weight 10 kg