Alientech Powergate II Decode – 1400P30000

POWERGATE II – Car Decode, the security Key for encoding and decoding tuning files generated by Powergate II – S Slave.  The Alientech Powergate II is an OBDII Programmer for a single car; Slave Version one unit that can hold 2 tuned files for the same car.

The Alientech Powergate II tuning unit is controlled by the Alientech Powergate II Decode unit, the decode unit can have multiple powergate II units paired to it, and only the master decode unit can supply files to the end user with the powergate II tuning system.

The Powergate II tuning systems can be seen in our shop, they are available as single units or multi buy saving packs, see below:

Alientech Powergate II Decode

Alientech Powergate II Tuning Tools

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