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Product Description

Alientech K-TAG Master Protocols – Full K-Tag Activation

Not sure which protocols you need for your Alientech K-tag master – take it easy, buy the full activation package to cover all vehicles and full protocols. Save now and buy the Alientech K-TAG Master Protocols application list for the strongest level of discount.
Activation of all protocols available at the time of purchase when combined with the purchase of the Alientech K-TAG Master tuning system
Included 12 months subscription and updates for all protocols available.

If you need the Master K-Tag tuning system you can see it here:  Alientech K-tag Master

The K-tag tuning system comes with connectors designed for solder connection to the ECU board, however many tuners prefer to use probes and connectors that do not require soldering.  The range of Alientech K-tag accessories can be found here: K-Tag Accessories  

Alientech K-TAG Master Protocols