Alientech Master K-tag all protocols and Full version of ECM Titanium, Frame and connection probes

If you need to cover bench tuning for the Tricore ECU versions, and others that must be tuned with the ECU removed and out of the car and not through the OBD port, this package of Alientech K-Tag K-Tag all protocols is the answer,  including a brand new fully active K-Tag with all protocols, and 12 month licence. Its also includes the Alientech positioning frame and movable, universal probes and light. taking the stress out of your bench tuning ,

There are a couple of additional items you may also want to consider, such as the full set of K-Gear adaptor probes for the K-Tag, K-gear Probe set  and if you have not considered a package that includes the Kess V2 OBD tuning system, its worth a second look, whilst many cars can be covered with both tuning tools, the K-tag can only be used to tune ecu’s out of the vehicle.

Whilst the Kess can do many of the same vehicles through the OBD port – if you only want to cover Bench tuning this is the correct package, but if you want to cover OBD tuning vehicles too – take a look at some of the other packages that include both Alientech tools

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Weight 5.00 kg