Alientech K-Tag adapter for Magneti Marelli Motorola MPC56xxx Alientech 14AM00T18M

With the K-tag Alientech 14AM00T18M adapter for the Alientech positioning frame, you can connect the Alientech K-TAG tuning tool directly to the vehicles ECU using our fixed probes, these K-tag probes are designed exactly for the ECU communication paths, making tuning very safe, fast and reliable.

The K-tag probes are of course compatible with both master tuning and slave tuning systems, and the range of frames and positioning frames available in the online shop.

Alientech 14AM00T18M

Alientech 14AM00T18M

The K-tag probe, 14AM00T18M supports the following ECU types

  • Magneti Marelli 8GMK
  • Magneti Marelli MJ9DF
  • Magneti Marelli 9GV

The Alientech Part number for this probe is Item N° 14AM00T18M

The full range of Alientech K-tag tuning probes and accessories can be seen in our shop here : K-Tag Accessories 

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