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Alientech K Tag Master


Product Description

Alientech K-TAG Slave (Tuning Tool Hardware)

Alientech K-Tag Slave Unit with Extras and boards to be soldered: 14AS00T01S – 14AS00T03S – 14AS00T04S

The Alientech K-TAG Slave tuning system is ideal partner the Alientech kess V2 tuning tool. Combined these two tuning tools will give you the best coverage available. The Alientech K-tag will give you tuning coverage for BDM tuning, Tricore ecu’s, it also offers increased coverage for many Japanese manufactured vehicles, trucks, and other vehicles not available on the Kess V2.

The Alientech K-tag salve offers additional motorbike tuning, marine, jet Ski and other applications where OBD ports are not fitted.

The K-TAG Slave tuning system comes without tuning protocols, unlike the Master version where you can choose specific protocol packages, for the Alientech K-TAG Slave system there is just the single option of full protocol activation, this can be seen in the shop here:

 K-Tag Slave Protocols 

In addition, the K-TAG Slave tuning tool comes with connectors for solder, Most tuners find that it is easier and quicker to buy additional probes and connectors that do not require soldering to the ECU board, the full range can be seen in the shop here: K-Tag Accessories 

If you are unsure or need help please mail us, demonstration sessions are also available


Alientech K-tag accessories

K-Tag Accessories


Alientech K tag protocols

K-Tag Protocols

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