Kess V2 Master cars, K-tag (all protocols) and Full version of ECM Titanium, Frame and connection probes.

If cars are your thing this is the package for you, giving you the ultimate on car tuning coverage, be it OBD tuning of bench tuning with the ecu removed from the vehicle. This Alientech tuning package includes:

  • Kess V2 Master cars- Master with all car protocols
  • A new K-tag with all protocols groups
  • A Full version of ECM Titanium map writing software, (not the credit version)
  • Positioning Frame, light deck and pogo movable K-tag tuning probes
  • Set up, installation and support

There are a couple of additional items you may also want to consider, such as the full set of K-Gear adaptor probes for the K-Tag, K-gear Probe set  And there are some additional cables for the Kess V2 Master cars tuning system, including some for older cars that did not use the standard OBD II connector, you have already selected the ultimate tuning set up, you may want to consider the additional cables to complete your set up Car Tuning Cables 

Kess V2 Master cars

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Weight 5.00 kg