Alientech Kess V2 Master all protocols, cars, bikes, trucks, tractors, marine) K-tag (all protocols) and Full version of ECM Titanium, Frame and connection probes.

If you had not realised it, this is pretty much the full Alientech Tuning tool set up. Its the deepest and most inclusive package available. To explain further, this packages includes:

  • Alientech Kess V2 Master all protocols active, this includes  cars, bikes, trucks, tractors, marine vehicles
  • The Alientech K-tag tuning system with all protocols active
  • A Full version of ECM Titanium – with drivers, 12 month licence and unlimited tuning file reaction
  • Aluminium positioning Frame for K-tag – with light deck
  • 5 pogo process for connecting to the ecu board
  • Set up and installation support

There are some additional option you can still add to this package, if you are going to be tuning trucks and tractors you may want to consider the Truck cable Set and the Tractor cable set

There is also the full set of K-Gear adaptor probes for the K-Tag, whilst many tuners ten to use the moveable separate probes, there is no doubt the fix ecu specific probes using in connection with the positioning frame can as confidence and reliability to bench tuning K-gear Probe set   



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Weight 5.00 kg