Alientech Kess V2 Master trucks tractors, and Full version of ECM Titanium

This ready made package of the Alientech Kess V2 Master trucks tractors protocols, along with the ECM tuning software offers an excellent saving over the prices of the components on their own. Its the ideal package for those tuning heavy commercial vehicles, agricultural vehicles and plant.

This package has all heavy commercial vehicle OBD tuning protocols active and ready to us, and includes 12 month updates for both the kessV2 master and the ecm titanium software.

Kess V2 Master Trucks Tractors

You may want to consider the cables set to go with the kessV2, most trucks and tractors do not us the standard OBDII cable, and so there are a range of additional cables available, these can be purchased either as single items or are available in complete approved Alientech Truck cable sets and tractor cable sets.

You can fund the cables and options here in our shop:

Single Alientech Tuck cables :  Truck Cables

Single Tractor cables : Tractor Cables

Full cable sets: Cable Set 


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Weight 5.00 kg