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Alientech Positioning Frame


Product Description

Alientech Positioning Frame Evo with probe set

Alientech Positioning Frame. Alientech K-Tag Accessories Positioning Frame Evo 14P800ADB1
Positioning Frame with upper illumination deck and 4 programming probes

Alientech Positioning Frame Evo and probes, make your Alientech K-tag tuning quicker and easier with the frame and probes, no need to solder, stable, and easy to use.

The standard connectors that come with the Alientech –K-tag tuning system are designed to be solder connected to the ecu board, which is fine, but many tuners try to avoid or reduce soldering where possible, this k-Tag frame and probes make the job much easier, and massively reduce the need to solder to the ecu.

The Frame illumination light is also available and can be added to this frame and probe set to make it complete. The illumination deck gives pure white and bright light direct onto the the ecu board. Its a must have really – You can see the light set here in our shop

Upper illumination deck for K-Tag Tuning

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg